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MC33 COFDM Transmitter HD Video Control Ball for Self-assembling Network

Product Details

Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China

Brand Name: SUNTOR

Certification: FCC, CE, RoHS

Model Number: MC33

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set

Price: Negotiation

Packaging Details: Plastic Box

Delivery Time: 7-15 days

Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Paypal

Supply Ability: 1000 set/ month

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cofdm hd wireless transmitter


long range video transmitter


COFDM control ball

Operating Frequency:
Transmission System:
Transmitted Power:
Receiving Sensitivity:
6.5kg (including Antenna)
Operating Temperature:
Operating Frequency:
Transmission System:
Transmitted Power:
Receiving Sensitivity:
6.5kg (including Antenna)
Operating Temperature:
MC33 COFDM Transmitter HD Video Control Ball for Self-assembling Network




The wireless self-assembling network high-definition control ball is a unique manufacturing process that integrates beauty, practicality and stability. The unique design makes the field operator can quickly disassemble the equipment, highly integrated circuit design concept, when using only need to plug in the digital-electricity integrated cable, power can be, very convenient for the rapid erection of the scene, greatly improving the efficiency of the front-line operators erection. The internal imaging mechanism uses 2 million pixels, the image is clear and delicate real, the maximum resolution up to 1920 * 1080, support H.265 compression algorithm, optical zoom up to 25 times.

The system transmission method adopts the advanced MESH design concept, no central gateway is needed, any one can realize the self-organizing network function, any one device in the group drops out, there will be corresponding devices within the effective antenna coverage to continue communication, to ensure that the network does not drop out. As the wireless extension and extension of fixed radio or vehicle-mounted radio in multi-hop self-assembling network, it is convenient to go deep into the scene of emergencies, dense crowds or buildings, and greatly enhance the deep communication capability of the network. It can provide wireless broadband digital communication for emergency response, anti-riot, covert reconnaissance, special operations, rescue and disaster relief, daily patrol and other "emergency warfare" tasks in the first time. The transmission distance can be more than 10km in open ground environment and 300~1000m in blocking environment (depending on the blocking environment).



  • Dual compression algorithm: video compression support H.265/H.264
  • Support infrared night vision function using imported infrared lamp array, the service life of up to 30,000 hours, night vision distance of 50-80 meters
  • Fast deployment and control: The system is designed to be lightweight and portable for a single soldier, which can realize fast and free deployment and control within 5 minutes.
  • Self-built network: no need to rely on public network transmission, supports seamless interfacing with satellite, fiber and 5G.
  • Centerless co-channel networking: All nodes have equal status, i.e., they can act as terminal nodes, relay nodes or central nodes, and can quickly establish wireless communication networks without relying on wired communication lines.
  • Arbitrary network topology: MESH wireless self-assembly system supports any network topology, such as point-to-multipoint, chain relay, mesh network and hybrid network, etc.
  • Anti-interference: External filters can be used to effectively suppress out-of-band harmonic interference and improve signal immunity and signal-to-noise ratio. Meanwhile, ARQ (Automatic Retransmission Request) transmission mechanism is adopted to reduce data transmission loss rate and improve data transmission reliability. In addition, it comes with frequency sweeping function, which can be manually configured to set the central frequency point with less influence by interference according to the sweeping result of the allocated central frequency point to achieve interference frequency avoidance.
  • Destruction tolerance: MESH wireless self-assembly system does not affect the whole network when a single node device fails.
  • Security and confidentiality: The system can effectively prevent illegal users from intruding into the network by setting the working frequency, carrier bandwidth, scrambling code (i.e. MESHID), communication distance and networking mode, etc. The system also supports AES128/AES256 (source encryption).

MC33 COFDM Transmitter HD Video Control Ball for Self-assembling Network 0

System parameter
Operating frequency 1428-1448MHz
Carrier bandwidth 5/10/20MHz, flexible and configurable
Transmission system COFDM
Modulation mode BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM (Adaptive)
Transmission capacity Peak rate 90Mbps@20MHz
Transmitted power 2W
Receiving sensitivity -97dBm@1MHz
Video input Supports IP network video input and WIFI video access (HDMI/AV needs to be customized)
Networking Function Networking Capability ≥52 nodes
Network Hop > 10 hops
Access Time Access the network within 5 seconds after the system starts
Network Topology No central network, star network, chain network, mesh network, etc
Encryption mode AES128/AES256
Power supply mode Equipped with DC25.2V detachable lithium battery
Device power consumption ≤40W
Device interface
Antenna interface N type x 2
GPS interface SMA head
WIFI interface SMA head
Ethernet interface Cable POE power supply
Coding characteristic
Video compression H.265/H.264
Camera part
Sensor 1/2.8" Progressive Scan CMOS
pixel Two million

Color: 0.05Lux @ (F1.6, AGC ON)

Black and white: 0.01Lux @ (F1.6, AGC ON)

Lens 4.8-120mm 25 x Optical zoom
Horizontal field Angle 57.6-2.5 degrees (wide Angle - range)
Physical index
Equipment size ≤600mm × 196mm ×67mm
Equipment weight 6.5kg (including antenna)
Protection class IP65
Operating temperature -30℃~+65℃
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