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Company News About UAV Environmental Monitoring

UAV Environmental Monitoring

UAV Environmental Monitoring

Background: With the popularity of UAV, UAV applications are more and more widely. Geographical mapping, environmental monitoring and infrastructure construction, all of them require UAE providing accurate data. We cooperated with A company for long time to do the Envrionment Monitoring project in UK. In 2015, Many roads and infrastructure construction ware planed to be constructed in York City. Such wide range construction need large quantity and accurate geopraphical and environment data supplied. ATEC-3D cooperated with us, using our ST11HPT matching their UAV to do the enviroment monitoring and geographical mapping.


Problem: 1. The monitoring area is about 12.6km from South to North. Both the video and Photo are needed by the Government. Data control distance is 12.6km.
2. The RC is Futaba 2.4Ghz, which is interference with our 2.4Ghz device ST11HPT.

Solution: On board: Using our ST11HPT, connecting with RC Receiver and HDMI camera by S1 TTL interface and HDMI interface.
Ground Station: ST11HPT receiver connect with Futaba trainer Interface on back side of Futaba. HDMI output interface connect with Ground station.



Model ST11HPT

Frequency: 2.4GHz(2.402 - 2.478 GHz)
Wireless Fault-tolerant: LDPC FEC
Duplex Data Control: Support TTL/SBUS/PPM
Support Output video to PC and Monitor display simultaneously
Latency: 12-25ms
Video: Full HD 1080P
Receive Sensitivity: -100dbm~ -90dbm
Frequency Bandwidth: 2/4/6/8MHz
Bitrate: Adjustable by Software
Encryption: WEP, WPA(PSK), WPA2(PSK), WPA+WPA2 (PSK), AES 125/256
Ultra-distance: Air to ground 8-12km
Ultra-low Delay: ≤12-25ms
Transmission Signal: Video and Duplex Data
Dimension: 72*47*19mm
Weight: 94g

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Time: 5th May, 2015
Location: York In UK
Actual Testing Distance: 12.6km
Product Model: ST11HPT
UAV Type: Hexrcopter
Vertical Fly Height: 300meters
Flying Time: 20minutes
RC: Futaba

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