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Company News About Suntor Long Range UAV Transmission Links

Suntor Long Range UAV Transmission Links

Suntor Long Range UAV Transmission Links

latest company news about Suntor Long Range UAV Transmission Links  0
Suntor Industrial Video Transceivers (TDD-COFDM) feature the industry’s best performance: Long-Range, high transmit power, receive sensitivity, and interference immunity. With an eye towards operation in the most complex and harsh conditions, the modules have been designed and manufactured to military-grade standards.


►COTS – Commercial off the Shelf

►Extended lifespan with planned long availability

►Electrical stress protection on antenna ports for outdoor operation

►Integrated LNA for best-in-class Rx sensitivity

►Up to 33 dBm of RF power to get the largest possible area coverage

►High interference immunity for congested environments

►Rugged construction, Industrial temperature range (-40C to +85C)

►Very small size, weight, and power for mobile applications

►Field proven and deployed in critical applications

►Regulatory compliance for unwanted spurious emissions


These Industrial TDD-COFDM Transceivers have been deployed across a broad range of industries and applications.


♦ Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Robots

♦ Video and data services aboard airplanes and trains

♦ Industrial Internet of Things applications

♦ Deployments that require extended temperature and vibration resiliency

♦ Wireless networking deployments

♦ Streaming Eth video surveillance cameras

♦ Oil & Gas fields and mines

Suntor long range industrial video transceiver portfolio includes configurations optimized for a vast variety of project needs. According to different applications provide different solutions and interfaces.