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Company News About Centerless 1428-1448MHz IP Mesh Network MANET Radio 64 Nodes With Battery

Centerless 1428-1448MHz IP Mesh Network MANET Radio 64 Nodes With Battery

Centerless 1428-1448MHz IP Mesh Network MANET Radio 64 Nodes With Battery

Centerless 1428-1448MHz IP Mesh Network MANET Radio 64 Nodes With Battery



1.Feature Of Manet Network Radio


1.1 Centerless self-organizing

----Node status is equal, that is, it can be used as terminal node, relay node or central node


1.2 Any organization networking

----Nodes automatically identify and select the optimal route for bandwidth data


1.3 Security and confidentiality

----Layer-by-layer encryption through operating frequency, carrier bandwidth, scrambling code, etc., supports AES128/256


1.4 Anti-interference, anti-destruction

----Using COFDM, MIMO, AQR and other technologies to improve data bandwidth and anti-interference performance


1.5 Multi-node flexible networking

----According to the channel quality, rate, bit error and other indicators, automatically calculate the link routing, flexible networking


1.6 All-IP networking interaction

----Support data transparent transmission, interconnection of various systems, real-time interaction of multimedia services



2. Description of Manet Network Radio


Handheld mesh(ad hoc) radio with small size,light weight,equipped with removable lithium battery,can be held in hand,but also can be placed on the shoulder and back of a individual solider to carry.


Fast network access and automatic multi-hop relay can provide multimedia communication services such as voice group call, video backhaul, and relay transmission for individual soldiers, tactical teams, and tactical police dogs, so as to achieve efficient collaboration.


The system adopts co-frequency networking and multi-hop relay, and supports any network topology, such as point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, chain relay, mesh network and hybrid network topology.



3. Specification of Manet Network Radio


System Parameter
Operating frequency 1300~1500MHz(200MHz-1.5GHz can be customized)
Bandwidth 5/10MHz,Flexible and configurable
Transmission system COFDM
Modulation mode BPSK/QPSK/16QAM/64QAM(self-adaption)
Transmission capacity Peak rate 26Mbps@10MHz
RF Transmitted power 1W
Receive Sensitivity -100dBm@5MHz
Video input Support IP network video input and WIFI video access(HDMI/AV need to be customized)
Networking function Networking capable ≥64 nodes
Networking hops >10 hops
Network topology Centerless network, star network, chain network, mesh network, etc
Encryption mode DES/AES128 / AES256 (Optional)
Power supply mold Allocate DC 12.6V removable lithium battery
Power Consumption ≤20W
Equipment interface
Antenna interface TNC-K×2
WIFI interface SMA-K
Ethernet interface Aviation interface(Beidou position can be choose)
Voice interface Aviation interface
Physical indicators
Dimension ≤230×74×39mm(include battery)
Equipment Weight ≤1200g(include battery)
Protection degree IP65
Operating temperature -40℃~+75℃


4. Application of Manet Network Radio


The robust ad hoc network algorithm is embedded, and no central gateway is required, and any one can realize the mesh network function. In practical applications, mesh network design can be used without worrying about network disconnection.


It can provide wireless broadband communication for "peacetime and emergency" tasks such as emergency response, anti-terrorism and riot prevention, covert reconnaissance, special operations, rescue and disaster relief, and daily patrols.


The transmission distance from the open environment on the ground can reach more than 5km, the blocking environment is 300~500m (depending on the blocking environment), and the air to the ground is greater than 20km.

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