5/10/15/20/30KM Long Range Video Transmitter 1.4G 2.4G Data And Video Transmission Device

May 9, 2023

5/10/15/20/30KM Long Range Video Transmitter 1.4G 2.4G Data And Video Transmission Device


1. Fast details of Wireless Video Transmitter


Support Video and Duplex Data


100Mbps Ethernet for option


Omni Antenna for Tx and Rx


Offering control, telemetry & payload in, Video Transmission in 1 RF channel


Working Temperature: -40℃~+85℃




Double Serial Ports for bi-directional Data


Video: Video sources self-adaptive(Max 1080P/60), Support HDMI Input/output




2. Description of Wireless Video Transmitter


ST30HPT is a mini HD Video and Duplex data transmission COFDM system for UAV.


It develops CABAC (H.264+H.265) coding&decoding technology to achieve Utra-high resolution(1080P), long distance(air to ground 30km) with double tx and rx antennas design and low delay(15-30ms) transmission.


Meanwhile this SUNTOR series products have small size, light-weight, low consumption, high stability and high sensitivity. They are suitable various environment of different application.



3. Specification of Wireless Video Transmitter


Frequency 2.4GHz(2.402-2.482GHz)
Error Detection LDPC FEC/Video H.264/265 Super Error Correction
RF Transmitted Power 2Watts
Power Consumption TX: 19Watts/RX: 6Watts
Distance(air to ground) 30km
Bandwidth 4/8MHz
Video Input/output Interface On board HDMI mini TX/RX or FFC convert to HDMI-A TX/RX
Bitrate and channel adjustment mode DIP or SPI2MCU
Antenna 1T1R/ Tx: 4db(Omni Antenna) Rx: 8db(Omni Antenna)/14dbi Directional Antenna
Video Color Space Default 4:2:0 optional: 4:2:2/4:4:4
Video Compressed Format AVC adds H.265 feature TS stream
Adjustment mode of bitrate Software adjustment
Communication Channel Encryption AES 128
Ethernet Protocol TCP/UDP
Video Record By software
Transmission Mode point to point
Start-up time 25s
Latency 15-30ms
Transmission Rate 3~5Mbps
Receive Sensitivity



Two-way function Support video and duplex data simultaneously
Data Support TTL/MAVLINK


(same interface on TX & RX)

1. 1080P 60 HDMI Mini RX x1
2. 100Mbps Ethernet to USB / RJ45 on Windows x1
3. S1/ S2 TTL bidirectional serial port for data/control/playload/MAVLINK/TELEMETRY
4. Power Input (DC7-18V) x1
Indicator Light HDMI input/output indicator light
Transmitting and receiving indicator light
Video board indicator light
Power light
HDMI HDMI mini/Flexible Flat Cable(FFC)
Appearance Design CNC technology/double aluminum alloy shell with waterproof design
Power supply DC 7- 18V (DC 12V advised)
Temperature Range

Operating temperature:-40°C ~+85°C

Storage temperature:-55°C ~ +100°C

Dimension Tx/ Rx: 76×73×23mm
Weight Tx/ Rx: 146g



4. Device Application of Wireless Video Transmitter


ST30HPT can be reach real distance(from ground to air) 30KM,with ligth weight and small size,verysuitable for Drone.

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